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  Impressed Workflow Server Intro (english subtitles)

[ english subtitles ]

The Impressed Workflow Server (IWS for short) is the result of our decades of experience with prepress workflows as well as the logical further development based on proven technologies. Thanks to the browser-based, database-supported, graphical IWS UI, you always have an overview of your print data and can specifically monitor and control its further processing.

IWS provides you with the missing link between external systems such as Web Portals or a Management Information System (MIS) to link job information with production data and transfer it to your output systems. This ensures that each production file is processed in the workflow according to its order information.

Our short IWS Intro describes the typical scenario in a print shop - maybe you recognize yourself in it...;-)

For more information about IWS, please visit our IWS microsite.

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