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Enfocus Connect


Version: 12 Update 1

Verfügbar seit: 15.07.2014 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Was ist neu in Connect ALL 12 Update 1?

  • Enfocus Connect unterstützt nun HTTP(s) und SFTP für den Update Server
  • Unterstützung der Creative Cloud CC2014 Version (Download Enfocus Connect Plug-Ins)
  • Sowie einige Fehlerbereinigungen
      31645 - Embed Font Action List causing available font to not embed.
      31778 - Connector crashes when job ticket is send to primary and secondary delivery.
      29879 - Preflight Profile not fully understood.
      31504 - Connect v12 prompts users that color profiles cannot be read.
      31500 - Connect v12 not communicating with Switch v12 update 1.
      31765 - Crash InDesign when entering a wrong range value.
      28593 - Connector created with old projects cause crash while initializing PitStop library.
      29251 - A project becomes invalid when an action list is no longer available.
      29879 - Preflight Profile not fully understood.
      30511- - Send Connector Email preference cannot be edited.
      31408 - Color management validation error for 11update1 project.
      31675 - SFTP Command Error during SFTP upload.
      31685 - Network Error when update is canceled.
      31771 - Mac Connector is not made on Windows sometimes.


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