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Produktnews vom 24.04.2012

Metrix 2012 auf der Drupa zum ersten Mal zu sehen

"Seeing is Believing" - Metrix® Team to Demonstrate Unrivaled Automation at Drupa 2012 Expo, Hall 7/C22

LithoTechnics, Inc., developer of Metrix®, the intelligent, automated job planning and imposition system, announced today that they will be demonstrating more ease of use, more automation and more integration than ever before, along with a host of practical and productive new Metrix features at the Drupa Exposition in Dusseldorf, Germany. Metrix will be shown in the LithoTechnics stand in Hall 7/C22, and also in many partner stands throughout the exposition. Demonstrations of Metrix can be seen on the stands of EFI (Hall 5/C01), Fujifilm Europe (Hall 8b/A25-1), Impressed (Hall 7/C20), Tharstern (Hall 5/A36), and in the Drupa Innovation Parc.

  • Previews - Metrix 2012.0 has the ability to display page previews. This functionality is particularly useful for Metrix operators in prepress, who need to make last minute placement changes based on ink coverage and colors. Intervention to avert press problems has never been easier, or more intuitive.

  • Intelligent Automation - Metrix has always calculated gutters for flat work, and now intelligently calculates gutters for bound work as well, based on the trimming capabilities of the selected binding machine and the fewest number of post press cuts. This sophisticated algorithm extends Metrix Auto Layout, which can be commanded from within the Metrix interface, or can be invoked by the Metrix Automation Module. The Metrix Automation Module, which was introduced in the Fall of 2011, receives XML files in a hot folder, processes them according to job characteristics and available equipment, and pushes complete plate-ready imposition files out the other side - unattended!

  • Integration - Metrix 2012.0 integration with "populated" Prinergy workflows is tighter than ever before. Metrix is now able to automatically fetch the low-resolution file generated at the refining/preflighting stage, and use it for the Metrix preview. This also means that production-ready content on the Prinergy system is automatically assigned in Metrix, eliminating a step on the Prinergy side.

  • Metrix 2012.0 also boasts tighter integration with Agfa Apogee, as well as Esko Automation Engine.

  • Productivity Features - N-Up Folding, used to eliminate unnecessary cutting and folding on long-run jobs, is now part of the N-Up Binding Module of Metrix 2012.0. Like all Metrix features, N-Up Folding is simple to use and extremely powerful.

    Rohan Holt, President of LithoTechnics, Inc., and inventor of Metrix, said, "Drupa is a milestone for us - Metrix 1.0 was launched at Drupa 2004, and it is especially fun to see how far Metrix has come since then. Metrix is closer than ever to our vision of what automated production planning and imposition can and should be." Holt continued, "Our customers are already making use of Metrix Automation and experiencing productivity improvements they never thought possible. But seeing is believing, and we look forward to the "wows" from new customers and existing Metrix users."

    About LithoTechnics
    LithoTechnics is a privately held company founded in 2003 by Rohan Holt. Holt invented the first production planning software for the sheetfed market in 1995, and Metrix®, LithoTechnics flagship product, is the culmination of Holts years of print production experience and accumulated software design expertise. Metrix, launched in 2004, received the prestigious 2005 PIA/GATF InterTech™ Technology Award, recognized industry-wide as a symbol of technological innovation and excellence. With offices in Edmonds, Washington, Turnhout, Belgium, and south of Sydney, Australia, LithoTechnics is a software company focused on providing key tools and technologies to enable print workflow automation. LithoTechnics is a full member of the CIP4 Organization.

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