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Version: 11.0.340

Verfügbar seit: 17.01.2022 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

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  • Desktop
    • Edit Profiles: Defined Checks and Fixups from other Libraries can easily imported into the current Library while editing

    • Edit Fixups: Several editors for config files added
      • Create spot color place based on ink amount
      • Embed missing fonts
      • Adjust dot gain

    • New in Switchboard

      • Text: Unembed all fonts

      • Document: Resample to JPEG2000

    • Process plan UI

      • Added default values to several step types to facilitate the configuration

      • Several usability improvements like better visualisation of transitions, the possibility to save the current state in between

      • Defined Profiles, Checks etc. from other Libraries can easily imported into the current Library while editing

    • A Quick Fix or Action can be directly exported as kfpx and will imported as a single step Process plan

    • Search all Libraries view: New option to import a Profile, Check etc. into the current Library via the menu

    • Delete Profiles/Process Plans with all their objects

    • Standalone: New marquee zoom functionality (CTRL + mouse)

    • Variables ask-at-runtime dialog: Custom templates can now also be defined for Process plans

  • General

    • Unified concept for defining page areas to harmonize configuration possibilities in Checks and Fixups

      • Fixups

        • Place Barcode

        • Create and apply shapes

        • Create links for text

        • Set page geometry boxes ("Set page geometry boxes (page box dimensions)" has been deprecated)

      • Properties:

        • Is in custom area

        • Barcode is in area

        • Effective ink coverage in custom area

        • Find Barcodes

        • Text on page

        • Shape definition

    • Page selector: Allows using multiple and mixed page expressions for various Checks, Fixups and Actions

  • Process plans

    • Create PDF copy: New option to create temporary copies, so that the copy is deleted after processing

    • Compare: Support for threshold for contiguous areas (mm)

    • Compare: Support for selecting Processing Steps types used for comparison

    • Compare: Support for page selector (separately for input and output file)

    • Add Files: Support for page selector

    • Split layers: Improved support for Processing Steps layers

    • New report type JSON added for all suitable transitions

    • Reports: Various new options like subfolders, suffix, ink coverage etc. can be defined depending on the respective report type

  • Variables

    • JavaScript Variables: Type of environment of script and homeDir available in app.env

    • Find barcode Check: Position of a Bar-/QR-Code is now supplied in result.checks.hits

  • New and enhanced predefined Profiles and Process plans

    • Library: Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content

      • Place individual text per page

  • New Fixups

    • Remove empty layers

    • Upsample images|monochrome images

  • Enhanced Fixups

    • Convert colors: Apply conversion for specified pages only

    • Convert colors using n-channel profile: New option to include softmasks

    • Convert colors using DeviceLink: New option to include softmasks

    • Convert colors using n-channel DeviceLink profiles: New option to include softmasks

    • Downsample/compress ... images: Additional sampling methods: Lanczos and BlackmanSinc

    • Place content: Identical layer names will become indexed, if initial visibility or Processing Steps metadata is different

    • Place Text / Place Barcode: New functionality to select font files (which
      will also be included in an exported Profile) or to a webfont

    • Create and apply shapes: Create separate vector stroke objects per found shape if "Reduce shape to outer borders" is active

    • Create links for text: Support for deriving the destination URL from the matching text

    • Arbitrary JavaScript controlled Fixup: Enhanced handling for external resources

  • New and enhanced predefined Fixups

    • Library: Prepress, Color and Transparency:

      • Add links to URLs

      • Convert to B/W except first and last two pages

      • Upsample color and grayscale images to 300 ppi if below 225 ppi

      • Upsample bitmap images to 800 ppi if below 550 ppi

      • Downsample/compress ... images: Change used method to Lanczos

    • Library: Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content

      • Downsample/compress ... images: Change method to Lanczos

      • Place text / barcode"-based Fixups: Changed default font to NotoSans

  • New predefined Actions

    • Library: Prepress, Color and Transparency:

      • Resample images to JPEG2000

      • Unembed all fonts

  • New Properties

    • General: Support for "Processing steps" added in Check sidebar

    • Arbitrary JavaScript controlled Checks: Allows for using JavaScript structures to represent any available Property

    • Effective ink coverage - limit to custom area (to be combined with other "effective ink" Properties)

    • Sequential page number matches page selector

  • Enhanced Properties

    • Line width: Lines with a width of "0" (which usually are displayed as 1 pixel lines) will now be taken into account

    • Text on page: Positions of found text made available in details of hits

    • Text on page: Optimized recognition of special glyphs like e.g. "." (period) in the search term

  • New predefined Checks

    • Library: Prepress, Color and Transparency:

      • All pages except first and last two

  • Actions

    • New:

      • Unembed all fonts

      • Resample to JPEG2000

      • Tiling by number

      • Tiling by size

      • Visualizer (safety zone)

      • Visualizer (gamut views)

      • Visualizer (small objects)

      • Visualizer (ink coverage)

      • Visualizer (separations)

      • Visualizer (image resolution)

    • Compare: Support for threshold for contiguous areas (mm)

    • Compare: Support for selecting Processing Steps types used for comparison

    • Compare: Support for page selector (separately for input and output file)

    • Compare: Added optional logging functionality to enable access to details similar to those in the UI

    • Split layers: Improved support for Processing Steps layers

    • ToPDF: Conversion of office files using OpenOffice/LibreOffice will maintain existing form fields

    • Image export: Support for defining a custom box for rendering

    • Image export: Support for page selector

    • EPS export: Support for defining a custom box for cropping

    • EPS export: Support for page selector

    • Duplicate page: Support for page selector

    • Split PDF: Added possibility to define multi packages to split expressions (e.g. "2x3,2x2")

  • New Quick Fix

    • Re-order pages (with support for page selector)

    • Remove page level Output Intents

  • Reports

    • New report type: JSON

  • CLI

    • Predefined Profiles:

      • Downsample/Recompress ... images: Change method to Lanczos

    • SaveAsImage: New optional parameter for parallel processes of page rendering (e.g. --parallel=8)

    • Quick Fix: A pre-configured quickfix.json sample has been added to the installation package

    • Compare: Support for threshold for contiguous areas (--contareathreshold)

    • Compare: Support for selecting Processing Steps types used for comparison (--processingsteps)

    • Compare: Support for page selector (separately for input and output file) (--pagerange_compare; --pagerange_input]

    • EnumerateProfiles: Support for Process plans

    • Profile execution: New report type JSON (--report=JSON)

    • Split layers: Improved support for Processing Steps layers(--processingstepsnames)

    • Pagerange supports page selector for Profile execution and suitable Actions

    • MaxMemory: Maximum size of memory in MB to be used during processing made available for Windows and Linux (--maxmemory)

  • Improved file optimization to repair more issues in the PDF structure automatically

  • Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.4.072)


  • PDF Standards

    • PDF/A-1 conversion: Optimized handling of annotations to avoid unnecessary removal of AcroForm dictionary entries

    • PDF/A-1 conversion: Existing page scaling factors (UserUnit) will no longer be removed automatically

    • PDF/A-1 validation: Check if size of MediaBox exceeds 14.400 pt in either direction

  • Desktop

    • Organize pages: Several usability improvements and optimized preview handling

    • Edit Fixups: Optimized update handling for displayed content based on selected pop-up entry

    • Page sizes: Relaxed behavior for invalid entries in the respective config file

    • Process plan editor: Available reports per sequence type reviewed and corrected

    • Update notification: Improved message for updates if no internet connection is available

    • Update notification: Direct link to release infos

    • Output preview: Problem solved, where determining the ink coverage resulted into an error with certain mouse positions

    • Ask-at-runtime: Format of exported JSON for Variables harmonized to those created during logging execution

    • Switchboard - Decorate: Reviewed and optimized processing to improve duration

  • Process plan

    • Compare: Settings from compare step will be used for generated compare report

    • Compare report has been deprecated as report type for all step types except "Compare PDFs"

    • Rename PDF: Reviewed and optimized handling of filenames

    • Pick up PDF: Reviewed and optimized handling of files and filenames will be restored, if file has been renamed in previous step

  • Fixups

    • Place content: Problem solved, where logging
      execution resulted into an invalid prepared profile if a Variable was
      used for referencing a template

    • Adjust or remove annotations: Problem solved, where flatten annotations resulted in a distorted result for some rare cases

    • Subset fonts: Problem solved, where processing resulted in high memory consumption and long processing time in rare cases

    • Convert
      fonts to outlines: Issue fixed, where Properties from the document,
      colors or page description area were not allowed in apply to filter

    • Remove invisible image data: Problem solved, where images inside page area could be affected in certain cases

    • Downsample/recompress
      images: Problem solved, where pure recompression without downsampling
      could result into improperly handled images in certain cases

    • Create
      an invisible text copy for all text: Issue fixed, where marked font was
      highlighted as a thin line in some PDF viewers (e.g. Chrome browser)

  • Checks

    • Text on page: Limited reported text in trigger values to matching string

    • Find barcodes: Adjusted defaults for active Bar-/QR-Codes types

    • Find barcodes: Problem solved, where small QR-Codes were not found in some cases

    • ICC
      profile is not valid: Problem solved, where invalid ICC profiles was
      not properly detected if used in alternate colorspace in certain cases

    • Report PDF syntax errors: Improved recognition for FormXObject using a Dict instead of a Stream (which could into RIP errors)

    • Image is not valid: Improved recognition for invalid /DecodeParams entries in streams

  • Actions

    • Email to PDF: RTF body content in EML will be
      ignored and the plain text part will be used instead (harmonized to
      behavior of e.g. Thunderbird and MS Outlook) [CA1030403]

    • Compare: UserUnits will be taken into account for report type images

    • N-up
      and StepAndRepeat: Problem solved, where no page scaling factor
      (UserUnit) was inserted in resulting PDF if sheet size exceeded 14.400 pt

    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where conversion failed for GIF if filename contains special characters (Windows only)

    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where only a part of a RGB-TIFF with alpha channel was visible after conversion to PDF

    • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where a certain TIFF could not be processed anymore

    • MergePDF: Issue fixed, where an AcroForm entries from merged PDFs were not properly maintained

  • Quick Fix

    • Issue solved, where JSON configuration saved as UTF8 with BOM was not accepted

  • License Server

    • Issue fixed, where requesting an activation from a License Server without a matching cartridge took unnecessary long

  • CLI

    • Improved progress update when executing Process plans

    • SecurePDF: Adjusted usage to enable setting an open password:

      • Set open password (--openpassword)

      • Set permissions password (--password)

  • General

    • Optimized font processing for TrueType fonts to avoid display issues in iOS 15 Preview

    • Font
      handling: Problem solved, where some unusual referencing of resource
      dicts was not properly maintained and resulted in a visual difference

    • File processing: Problem solved, where missing resources for Marked Content could result into visual differences certain cases

    • General file processing: Problem solved, where glyphs are moved at the bottom in seldom cases

    • Fixed issue, where processing (like PDF/A validation and conversion) had an increased duration compared to previous version

    • Fixed issue, where Boolean values for Variables where not properly handled under certain circumstances


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