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Version: 7.6.0

Verfügbar seit: 16.02.2021 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


Web Interface - General:

Localisation support:

  • User preferences: Language, Refresh Period
  • {Task Settings Name} displayed in Queue Manager when predefined task settings loaded

Web Interface - Preflight mode:

  • Spot color library (.cxf, Adobe Color Book .acb, CGATS .txt) can be preflighted to assess spot color reproduction capabilities of a print device (valid URTS required)
  • A device Color (RGB/CMYK/Gray/All) can be set in "Spot and Special" dialog to be replaced by a Spot Color from ACH Color Library (#0006244)
  • Adobe PDF Library v18 (APDFL v18.0.3PlusP1g): Fixes file rendering issues (#0006319, #0006320, #0006303, #0006349, #0006375)
  • Windows Server 2019 Support
  • MacOS 11 Big Sur Support


  • Queue Manager is limited to 100 queues maximum (please contact if this is not enough)
  • ∆E00 mode forced for Device Link Profile using Minimum TAC and Ink Usage separation
  • Fix Switch configurator set up error when Alwan ColorHub is not installed on the same computer (#0005500)
  • Improved Ink Consumption table in Web Interface reports (#0006143)
  • Web Interface minor fixes
  • Update Mac and Windows Sentinel Dongle driver to 8.15


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