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Version: 11.1.542

Verfügbar seit: 19.05.2020 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Process Plans: Support for HTML-based template reports in Process Plan steps
  • Support for ZUGFeRD 2.1

New Fixup

  • Remove separations: Removes objects in the specified separations, but keeps the effects of the objects in the remaining separations [CA1029073]


  • Standalone: New zoom functionality, page navigation and unit selector for page dimensions in footer
  • Variables: JavaScript-Editor with enhanced functionalities like highlighting of errors for exceptions during script evaluation
  • Impose: Text-based logging/debugging function for testing of imposition schemes
  • Split or reorder: New option "Replace original" for Actions using "Merge again" to replace original input file in Process Plans [FP52850]

New Action

  • New --addbookmark option to add a bookmark structure from a XML file

Distributed Processing

  • Support for files sizes larger than 4 GB [FP59049]

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP7d)

Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.2.066)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP3a)



  • Visualization of tagging structure as HTML: Issue fixed, where URLs starting with "https://" were extended with "http://" [CA1029313]
  • Reviewed and revised handling of window tiling, page zooming and the compare mode
  • Improved behavior and new logging functionality for cases when a Library contained invalid references [FP59002]
  • Ask-at-runtime for Variables: Revised and improved error handling [FP58831]
  • Process Plans: Problem solved, where new user interface for creating and editing Process Plans did not work properly in Acrobat Plug-In using MacOS
  • Process Plans: Issue fixed, where a password could not be pasted into respective field [FP58794]
  • Problem solved, where Chinese language was no more available using Windows [FP58443]
  • Layer explorer: Issue fixed, where usage of Layer settings resulted in an unstable behavior in certain cases (MacOS only) [FP58027]
  • Manage Libraries: Problem solved, where a Profile could not be added into a newly created Library [CA1027535]

PDF Standards

  • All PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 conversions: Added Fixups "Convert spot color names to UTF-8" and "Convert font names to UTF-8" to ensure conversion
  • All PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 conversions: Added Fixups "Convert spot color names to UTF-8" and "Convert font names to UTF-8" to ensure conversion
  • All PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 conversions: Added Fixup "Fix glyph width information" [CA1029105]
  • All PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 conversions: Issue fixed, where a mismatch of the Creation date caused by invalid entries in DocInfo and XMP was not repaired [FP53968]
  • All PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 validations: Adjusted recognition of JPEG 2000 images using more than 1 color space [FP53585]

Enhanced Profiles

  • All "GWG 2015"-based Profiles: Removed Custom Fixup "Fix glyph width information" (is part of PDF/X-4 conversion now)
  • All "Digital printing" Profiles: Checks for "White object is not set to knock out" adjusted to ignore registration color [FP58849]

Enhanced Process Plans

  • Check and fix bleed: Issue solved, where bleed for facing pages was not properly determined


  • Flatten annotations and form fields: Completely reviewed and revised integration to solve several issues [CA1022908; FP54968; FP57888]
  • Prepare annotations for PDF/A-2: Issue fixed, where annotations with no defined size got a size entry [CA1029035; CA1028573]
  • Place content: Problem solved, where certain special characters in the kfpx or template file name resulted into an error (Linux only) [FP59599]
  • Place content: Issue fixed, where positioned PDFs were losing contained link annotations [CA1028214]
  • Discard hidden layer and flatten visible layers: Issue fixed, where processing resulted in missing resource in certain cases [CA1025441; FP59567]
  • Put objects on layer:
    • Issue solved, where unmatched operators in contents stream could be created under certain circumstances
    • Issue fixed, where separating objects did not work for imposed PDFs [CA1025261]
    • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unnecessary complex and big file in certain cases [CA1029073]

  • Extract spot colors from DeviceN one by one:
    • Problem solved, where objects vanished in specific cases, e.g. with filled vector objects, using a SmoothShade as Pattern [CA1028305; CA1028260]
    • Problem solved, where processing took rather long on a certain, quite simple file [CA1028305]
    • Problem solved, where resulting file had a high increase in file size in certain cases [CA1029152]

  • Extract all colors from DeviceN one by one: Problem solved, where resulting file has missing objects in certain cases
  • Set page geometry boxes (page box dimensions): Issue fixed, where UserUnit was changed to a whole number but the dimension was changed for the first setting only [CA1028467]
  • Create and apply shapes:
    • Problem solved, where sharp angles could result in unnecessarily long pinnacles [CA1029213]
    • Problem solved, where deriving shapes from certain kinds of vector objects did not work properly [FP55279]
    • Issue fixed, where similar inside/outside settings for page boxes resulted in different results [FP55598]
    • Problem solved, where "reduce to outer borders" triggered the creation additional unnecessary lines [FP54492; FP55279]
    • Problem solved, where page scaling factor ("user units") were not taken into account [CA1029154]

  • Create bleed for irregular shapes: Issue fixed, where shape was not properly created for contours with very sharp angles [CA1029122]
  • Create bleed for irregular shapes: Problem solved, where spot alternates of created bleed were different than the original spot color [CA1028962]
  • Outline page geometry boxes: Problem solved, where page scaling factor ("user units") were not taken into account [CA1029154]
  • Create content entry for link annotations: Issue fixed, where TOC bookmarks were not regarded for creation [FP58469]
  • Flatten transparency: Problem fixed, where certain glyphs became corrupted and an error warning occurred in PDF viewers [FP56785]
  • Flatten transparency: Problem fixed, where outlined text became malformed if file was imposed afterwards [FP27204]
  • Create bleed by upscaling: Problem solved, where page scaling factor ("user units") were not taken into account [CA1029154]
  • Remove invisible image data: Problem solved, where images were not handled properly in certain cases [FP55921; CA1028998; FP58231; FP27921]
  • Remove XMP Metadata compliant with PDF/X-4: Issue fixed, where removal was not successful in some cases [FP57149; FP58137]
  • Set overprint and knockout: Problem solved, where Smooth Shades were converted with default filters (e.g. for text) [FP54135]
  • Font processing: Issue fixed, where font embedding failed on a system with non-latin characters [CA1028656]
  • Font processing: Problem solved, where conversion resulted into an invalid 2-Byte value entry in bfrange in certain cases [CA1029174]
  • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where processing resulted into shifted glyphs in special cases [CA1028940]
  • Embed missing fonts: Issue fixed, where processing resulted in shrunken capital glyphs with specific font [CA1028989]
  • Set line width: Added inch as possible unit [CA1029039]
  • Convert colors: Issue fixed, where advanced settings were not shown, if Profile was exported from Preflight [FP55987]
  • Convert spot color names to UTF-8: Reviewed and improved handling of non-compliant spot color names with umlauts [CA1029140]
  • Convert colors using n-channel: Issue fixed, where ICC profile was not shown in edit dialog, when the ICC profile had no description [FP57843]
  • Convert font names to UTF-8: Problem solved, where invalid UTF-8 names were not repaired in certain cases [FP52034]


  • Sifter-based Properties:
    • Issue solved, where stacking of objects was not properly derived in certain cases [CA1028919]
    • Issue solved, where logging the execution resulted in an unstable behavior (MacOS only) [FP53306]
    • Problem fixed, where analysis took very long under certain circumstances [FP57033]
    • Issued solved, where some thin lines were not properly detected [FP50812]
    • Problem solved, where certain complex Vector objects where not properly classified regarding the overlapping of page boxes [CA1029034]

  • Issue fixed, where Processing Steps objects were not properly detected when part of a Form XObject [FP55706; CA1029073]


  • ToPDF:
    • Images:
    • Support for TIFF using 16Bit with Big Endian [FP55012; FP57008]
    • Problem solved, where certain PSD files resulted into an invalid PDF [CA1028898]

  • Office:
    • New --topdf_parameter "NoBitmapMissingFonts" for MS Office, which do not rasterize fonts if embedding is not possible (fonts will be substituted by another font then) [FP44692]
    • New --topdf_parameter "CSV_IMPORT" for LibreOffice to define field separator, text delimiter and character set (as ASCII values) for CVS file import [CA1029054]
    • Problem solved, where office conversion wasn't successful on Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1 64bit [CA1029298]
    • Issue fixed, where conversion in MS Excel failed due to missing external pivot sources [CA1029253]
    • Issue fixed, where an Excel file could not be converted when --topdf_useexcelpagelayout was used (caused by empty pages) [CA1029061]
    • Problem solved, where office conversion failed due to a missing .dll file [FP57863; FP59621]
    • Issue fixed, where a Unicode encoded string indicating an error from Office was not properly displayed in the STDOUT (e.g. on a Japanese system) [CA1029175]

  • PostScript:
    • Problem solved, where processing was not successful randomly when converting PostScript to PDF (Windows only) [CA1028903; CA1029121]
    • Problem solved, where Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts were not properly handled in certain cases (might affect conversion of PostScript files which extract internal resources during processing like reported by [CA1027902]) [CA1029251]

  • Pre-separate pages: Registration color is now also included in the generated separations [FP52665; FP52942; FP56488; CA1026318]
  • Pre-separate pages: Issue fixed, where an image mask was not properly handled [CA1029073]
  • Render to buffer: Issue fixed where annotations were not rendered (only for SDK) [CA1028834]
  • Impose:
    • Problem solved, where calculations could not exceed values bigger than 1.000.000
    • Crop marks will now get a clipping to avoid overlapping of content in certain cases [FP35510]
    • New slot definition parameter in SheetConfig "ClipMode" to define basis for crop mark positioning (page or slot) [FP52916]
    • New slot definition parameter in SheetConfig "TrGroupMode" to create a slot as a non-isolated transparency group [FP42398]

  • Reports
    • Mask reports: Fixed issue, where the "hide" option had no effect on created bookmarks for the respective severity [CA1029302]
    • QuickCheck: Issue fixed, where reported info about embedding status was not correct for Type3 font [FP58737]
    • QuickCheck: Problem solved, where file could not be parsed although it had no syntax issues [FP57608]
    • XML report: Problem fixed, where report creation with ink coverage was not successful on PDFs with non UTF-8 compliant spot color names [FP57743]


  • Process Plans: If output from "Save PDF copy" is in a subfolder, this subfolder is now created in the output folder as well

  • Variables: Improved error reporting when referenced DeviceLink profiles do not exist

  • Problem solved, where some types of processing could result in unnecessarily extensive memory usage [CA1029088]
  • Problem solved, where order of Properties in a Check could cause different results if "Fire if any condition is met" is active [FP57904]
  • Issue fixed, where file structure optimization resulted into an error with certain files [FP58088]
  • Issue fixed, where resources dictionary was not fixed when --nooptimization was used [CA1029052]
  • Problem solved, where internal optimization of the file structure resulted in an unstable behavior [CA1028988]
  • Issue fixed, where logging file was not properly filed in certain cases (e.g. with "Convert pages with very complex page descriptions into CMYK images") [FP57546]
  • Problem solved, where certain structures of signed PDFs could not be properly validated [CA1028730]
  • Problem solved, where images using a specific "JPEG2000 Codestream Format" could not be analyzed [CA1028930


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