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Version: 2019.2

Verfügbar seit: 16.12.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Detaillierte Informationen zu Metrix 2019.2 finden Sie in diesem Dokument efi_metrix_20192_whats_new.pdf

New Features

  • Produce Exact Quantity field added to the product properties.
  • Grouping added to die-cut, flat, folded, and bound products.
  • Nesting of die-cut products that do not require the use of die-cutting tools.
  • Ability to calculate and define variable cutoffs for roll-fed media.
  • New dialog window for adding die-cutting tools to the database. This window is consistent throughout the entire application.
  • Huge sheet support with maximum dimensions of 25 meters.
  • Option to disable product information added for two-sided printing methods in reports.
  • New fields—How to Handle Diecut Layouts Without a Standard, Product Group Placement, Enable Block Algorithms—added to the Auto Layout section of the User Preferences.
  • New How to handle Page Size Error field added to the General section of the User Preferences.
  • New Use Die-Cutting Tool Geometry field in Layout and Auto Plan properties.

Product Enhancements

  • Support archives now include marks and mark sets.
  • Metrix client has improved WAN tolerance
  • Shorter plant load times.
  • Shorter loading time for the list of standards in the Standard Manager.
  • Enhanced performance of the Open Project
  • Shorter load and save times for projects.

Die Releasenotes zu Metrix 2019.2 finden Sie in diesem Dokument efi_metrix_20192_release_notes_en_us.pdf


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