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Version: 2.1.061

Verfügbar seit: 30.07.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Support for activation using the callas License Server
  • Latest version of the TEC-IT Barcode Library integrated (v11.8.0)
  • Rendering mode for text can be defined (using a pdfChip-specific CSS property)


  • Problem solved, where loading of remote content failed, caused by a wrong version of OpenSSL (Linux only) [FP54536]
  • Issue fixed, where positioning resulted in a very small shift due to rounding issues in certain cases [CA1027387]
  • Problem solved, where wrong font style was used when stroke text was painted via SVG (Windows only) [CA1026074]
  • Problem solved, where a dashed line was not properly created when using SVG [CA1026030]


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