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Version: 9 - 23.032f

Verfügbar seit: 14.05.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Update procedure:

  • Disable any anti-virus application if running.
  • Close Imp and Imp Flow.
  • Download the Imp update from the Trial link, right click it, see properties and click on Unblock as shown in below image and then Apply, OK.
  • Extract the contents of the zip, copy and replace in Imp9 install folder, C drive > InSoft Automation > Imp9 folder
  • Launch Imp, help menu > about > the build should be 23.032f

New Features

  • Option to add camera registration marks automatically in layout editor
    For digital cutters, dot marks or camera registration marks are very important. Imp applies these marks automatically during planning based on marks settings in “Auto marks settings”. If the layout is edited, there was no option to apply these marks at layout level.
    Now we have a new tool to add dot marks at layout level in a single click. This tool will automatically get active if digital cutter is selected in layout properties.

  • Option to set default grain direction
    Now, user can select the desired grain direction in component properties and save it as default. All future jobs will have the same grain direction. If a different grain direction value is coming from XML, CSV or PDF name, this value will be overridden.

  • Include custom product and component properties in Plan XML Export
    Till now Imp was able to import the custom properties from XML file but unable to export them in the plan XML export.
    Now with this build, all custom properties will be exported in the plan XML.
  • PDF Wizard now supports "Infer Colors" and "Import Geometry"
    PDF wizard till last update used to import only the rectangular jobs and it was not possible to infer colors from the incoming PDF.
    Now, option to import geometry from spot colors in PDF and also import correct colors through “infer colors” options are available now.

  • Option to rearrange jobs on the layout in Imp Flow – “Repack” action
    Often layouts created by auto planning are rearranged better when the "Fit" button is pressed in 'Layout editor'.
    The same functionality is now available in Imp Flow. Under “Edit” there is a new action “Repack layouts” that can be added to the flow after “Auto Plan” action and it will do the repack of all the layouts.

  • Imp Flow - Notify users when a job is failed
    If a job is submitted to Imp Flow and it fails, there was no mechanism to inform user about the failure. The failure log was only accessible through Imp Flow UI and it was not accessible to users working on network.
    Now Imp Flow can send email to the listed email IDs in each Flow when there is a job failure. For this the first step is to set up Bot.ini file with SMTP details with email ID and password through which email will be sent to the user. This Bot.ini file should be located inside Imp9 install folder, inside C drive > InSoft Automation > Imp9 folder.
    Download a sample Bot.ini file from here.
    Close Imp and Imp Flow if running and place Bot.ini inside Imp9 folder. Now launch Imp Flow and select and edit the flow and you can see a new field where you can enter email IDs of users who should be notified in case of job failure.

Bug Fixes

  • Changes in Imp’s rectangular ganging algorithms
    In certain situations, as reported by some customers, Imp was planning extra ups of a job on the layout to fill the sheet, which was resulting in massive overruns. Internally the planning algorithms are now refined to avoid these situations.
  • XML Page sequence issue
    If an XML file has page sequence has to start with “0”. Now this has been fixed and Page sequence can now start from “1”.
  • XML does not work on systems with “,” as decimal
    It is now possible to import an XML with “.” Decimal on systems running “,” as decimal value. Go to Imp9 install folder in C drive > InSoft Automation > Imp9 folder > locate and open impui.ini file in note pad. Paste LocalizeInputXML=0 in impui.ini, save it and Imp will load XML file with an invariant culture in which ‘.’ will be the decimal separator irrespective of current language settings on the system.
  • Imp Flow - Sort Flow names alphabetically
    In Imp Flow, the flows were arranged by the creation date. Now with this update they will be arranged alphabetically.
  • Output intent / ICC profiles embedded in input PDFs are not retained in exported imposed PDFs
    With CopyPDFMetadata=1 tag in impui.ini file, Imp was able to retain the ICC Profiles embedded in the incoming PDF files in exported imposed PDFs. In case of ganging, this was not supported as different files can have different profiles. But it was also not working if all PDFs have same ICC profile embedded. Now this has been fixed. If different PDFs have same ICC profile embedded, Imp will retain the ICC profile in exported PDF files.
  • Imp hangs while planning more than 1000 items in one product
    Imp can now plan close to 2000 items within one product/job. Just set QuickPlanning=1 in impui.ini file inside Imp9 folder and see the unthinkable happening.
  • Job overlaps the non-printing strips defined in sheetfed press
    In some scenarios, Imp was overlapping jobs over the non-printing strips defined in the offset press. Now this has been fixed.
  • Duplicate instances of a same PDF in Imposition JDF causes issues
    In some scenarios, while exporting Imposition JDF, Imp was referring the linked input PDF multiple times. This was causing the workflow to hang. Now, this has been fixed and now Imp ensures that one document is referenced only once in Imposition JDF.

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