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Version: 10.1.490

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  • Improved visualization of non-supported custom Checks from Acrobat Preflight Profiles


  • ToPDF: Added support for page scaling factor (UserUnit) in resulting PDF, if input image exceeds the maximum dimension of a PDF page [CA1027771; FP21635; CA1026629]

Distributed Processing

  • New option "--noshadowfiles" to suppress the creation of a place holder file (which normally reserves the intended file name in the file system) [FP50894]
  • New option "--setvariablepath", which will transfer the referenced file or folder to the satellite (e.g. as additional resources)
  • The log files in the shared preferences folder are now created on a daily basis and are named accordingly for Dispatcher and Satellite
  • New option "--verbosity" to activate extensive logging for debugging processing problems

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP1m) [CA1027549; CA1027597; CA1027594; CA1027595; CA1027605]

Internal HTML converter updated to the latest version of callas pdfChip (v2.0.056)



  • Batch processing: Problem solved, where resulting files were not stored according to their severity in the correct output folder [FP52157]
  • Visualizer: Added zoom functionality to wire frame mode [FP32420]
  • Extract ICC profiles: Problem solved, where 7c n-channel ICC profiles could not be extracted successfully
  • Fixed issue, where custom Fixups or Checks could not be removed from a Profile in certain cases [CA1027851]

PDF Standards

  • PDF/A conversion: Annotations with "NoView" flag will be removed [FP50434]
  • PDF/A conversion: Improved handling for PDF 2.0 files [CA1027743]
  • PDF/A-2u conversion: Problem solved, where errors regarding Unicode values occurred after processing [CA1027552]
  • PDF/A validation: Adjusted recognition to detect invalid XMP metadata with more than one occurrence of "pdf:Producer" [FP45634]


  • Convert colors: Existing Matte entries are now calculated into the image data to prevent color shifts in the resulting PDF [FP49499; FP52185]
  • Improved resource handling for multiple used objects deactivated to avoid extensive processing time (can be activated on CLI) [FP51750; FP52090]
  • Problem solved, where de-calibration of objects to DeviceCMYK left a reference to an ICC profile which caused a processing error in certain cases [FP52219]
  • Adjust or remove annotations:

Problem solved, where annotations became rotated in rare cases [FP51279]

Problem solved, where white background rectangles for "Square" annotations appeared in certain cases [CA1027804]

Fixed issue, where annotations became scrambled due to page rotation [CA1026832]

  • Embed missing fonts: Issue fixed, where glyph widths for Latin glyphs in Asian fonts were not respected properly for CID fonts [CA1027420]
  • Embed missing fonts: Possibility to map defined glyph names of a font to an Adobe glyph names using the FontSubstitution config file [CA1027497]
  • Convert TrueType font to CFF: Issue fixed, where umlauts were changed to rectangles [FP38342]
  • Convert TrueType font to CFF: Added support for simple TrueType fonts using rendering mode 3 [CA1027678]
  • Merge adjacent headings if heading level is the same: Problem solved, where certain nesting of table fields was not properly handled [CA1025709]
  • Font handling: Fixed issue, where certain .notdef glyph encodings in the Differences array were not removed [FP48002]
  • Content stream analysis: Problem solved, where invalid command resulted in loss of content after processing under certain circumstances [CA1027602; CA1027220]


  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where the Exif information regarding the image orientation was not respected properly [FP51829]
  • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where conversion of large images resulted in false cropping of the image content [FP51880]


  • Problem solved, where certain special characters like umlauts were not encoded properly in PDF reports [FP51757; CA1027738; FP52173]
  • QuickCheck: Added escaping ("\") for values like ":" (which is normally used as a delimiter) in config file to allow access to objects using a ":" in their object name [FP52069]
  • QuickCheck: Problem solved, where orientation of page boxes was not counted correctly [FP51995]


  • Problem solved, where long file paths were not properly handled as destination for output file (Windows only) [CA1027806]
  • Issue fixed, where a non-supported Check from a Acrobat Preflight Profile was listed multiple times on STD OUT [FP52268]
  • Log execution: Issue fixed, where logging resulted in an error in certain cases [FP51641]

Distributed Processing

  • Reviewed and improved STD OUT information for running Satellite and Dispatcher
  • Optimized job handling, logging and communication between Dispatcher, Satellite and Client to improve stability and performance [FP46404; FP42456]
  • Issue fixed, where --password could not be used when distributing jobs [FP51676]
  • Problem solved, where naming of output files was not respected in certain cases [FP40363; FP42648; FP49077; FP25217]
  • Improved error message when trying to start an additional Satellite, Dispatcher or Server on the same system
  • Problem solved, where very long filenames resulted in an unstable behavior of the Satellite [FP47616]


  • Problem solved, where processing time has increased due to unnecessary evaluation loops for JavaScript-Variables [FP51750]
  • Process Plans: Reviewed internal logic for file analysis to improve processing speed for Fixup-only steps where no Checks are used within the Fixup of the respective Process Plan step [FP51750]


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