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Version: 9.2.425

Verfügbar seit: 26.05.2017 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: Improved processing speed [FP27136; FP26846; FP27692; FP28305; FP31041; FP32827]



  • Generate bleed from page content: Improved handling for PDFs with larger dimensions [FP24673; FP27298]
  • Remove invisible image data: Problem solved, where images were not properly handled when used in patterns [CA1025812; CA1025671]
  • Set page geometry boxes (based on page content): Problem solved, where settings were not properly respected anymore [CA1024146, CA1024826; FP38902; CA1026081]
  • Outline page geometry boxes: Result is a single path if possible to better support cutting devices [FP39424]
  • Outline page geometry boxes: Fixed issue, where area was not filled after processing [FP38902; CA1026081]
  • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where the alternate color values of a DeviceN "Black" were not properly set for the resulting Separation "Black" in certain cases [FP22079]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where glyphs were not placed correctly [FP23209]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where fonts with extensive use of division commands were not properly handled [CA1026142]
  • Rotate pages: Problem solved, where Fixup was not executed if performed together with a PDF/X conversion [FP38812]
  • Set MediaBox to origin: Fixed issue, where Fixup was not properly executed when processed together with another Fixup to set page geometry boxes [FP22485; FP22583]


  • Problem solved, where Korean characters were not properly handled in some input fields [FP38525]
  • Fixed issue, where Checks could not be edited in the Japanese version [CA39772]


  • Enumerate Layers: Problem solved, where objects using spot and process colors were not properly enumerated onto layers [CA1022232; CA1026011]
  • Impose: Fixed issue, where certain text was not placed as defined
  • Impose: Fixed issue, where brackets used in variables for placing text were not properly handled [FP36707]


  • Process Plans: Fixed errorlevel reporting for hits for embedded files [CA1026135]
  • Optimization: Problem solved, where text was not visible after conversion to PDF/X-1a and post-processing optimization [FP25218; FP25913]


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